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Small RC Dump Truck

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LEGO Technic Power Functions, remote-controlled, small dump truck.


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This is a very small-scale LEGO Technic dump truck MOC, it is only 27cm long, 10cm wide and 16 studs high, quite small for a truck.

It has a reasonable ground clearance given its size; the driving is fully remote controlled: 1 PF servo motor controls the steering, and 1 PF l-motor drives two of the four rear wheels, the gear ratio is 1.667:1, which makes the truck go somewhat slow, but has a substantial amount of torque, it can be changed to a different ratio if desired.

The dump bed can be manually lifted via a crank on the side of the truck that controls a small linear actuator which represents the hydraulic lift piston; the dump bed has a tailgate that is locked using an axle to represent the tailgate hook, it needs to be taken out for the tailgate to open as the dump bed is lifted. The battery pack and IR receiver are inside the dump bed, so there isn’t much room for cargo, their wires are well disguised within the truck chassis, and the building instructions describe how to hide them.

The battery pack can be turned on or off via a button on the side of the dump bed.

Youtube video here.


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