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Custom Instructions 10214 Tower Bridge Alternative build

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List


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Instructions for the 10214 Tower Bridge Alternative build
with a museum and a cafe theme.

In this build you can find a cozy cafe with a bakery.
If you go upstairs, you can find a museum where amazing dinosaurs, a Sphinx, and a mysterious Moai are waiting!

Don’t worry, you can create this building without trying to find every individual brick!

All you need is one Lego Tower Bridge set and these Instructions!.
(There will also be a lxf file included, which can show you a 3D image of what the finished product should look like.)


This design is the intellectual property of Inyongbricks.
As a copyrighted design, all rights belong solely to Inyong Lee (Inyongbricks). 
Any resale of these items, without express permission from Inyongbricks is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.
It will also bring you bad Karma.

Refund Policy: Due to the fact that digital instructions are non-returnable, we cannot refund the cost of the instructions. Should you encounter any problems using the instructions, please let me know and I will assist you.

1 review for Custom Instructions 10214 Tower Bridge Alternative build

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  1. hobsgrg (verified owner)

    This was my first time following custom instructions, I’ve only ever built official Lego sets up until now so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    The instructions are mostly clear, unlike in official Lego instructions here the new pieces to add are highlighted in green. Whilst most of the time this is helpful there are a few places where unfortunately this makes it more difficult to follow, particularly in steps that involve similar pieces. Overall however it was a help more often than it was a hindrance. The instructions are of a high quality and generally feel on a par with instructions you might get with an official lego set. I was surprised however that every single page is watermarked right in the middle, which having paid a decent amount for the instructions felt a bit off but I can understand them wanting to protect their work. The watermark doesn’t get in the way, but I found it a minor annoyance.

    The finished build looks just how it is shown in the photos, however as the original set contains no mini figures you’ll need some existing ones to make the building lively. The design itself is a modular building similar to the official Lego modular buildings and the second and third floors are easily removed. The design has very cleverly used the available bricks from the Tower Bridge set and the sliding door on the ground floor is a nice touch. The set uses a decent proportion of the pieces but by no means all of them which isn’t surprising. I haven’t counted them but it feels around 80% of them. There were a few places where I felt like that a different method might have been used if not constrained by only using the pieces in the original set, and occasionally this made assembly slightly trickier than an official set but it wasn’t too tricky.

    Minor niggles aside, judged on what it is, an alternative build of an existing set I give it 5/5, it looks fantastic and an extremely clever use of an existing set into something very different!

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    NO PHYSICAL BRICKS, ONLY DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List

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