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Seller Terms & Conditions

1 Given that

“Seller” is interested to use the services offered, through the “Site” therefore manifests as of now their consent: i) to adhere to the General Terms and Conditions set out below and ii) to proceed to the Join the “Platform”. plays the role of the platform manager, and therefore, it is and always remains foreign to the Purchase Agreement concluded on MarketPlace between Seller and Buyer;

Seller is professionally engaged in the retail business of goods and / or services;

Signing the Contract by the Seller, before the receipt by the same E-mail Welcome, does not oblige to contract with the same and / or do access the MarketPlace, the mere function of having the signing of the Contract request to join the MarketPlace by the Seller and reserving the right to accept or reject, in its absolute discretion, such a request.

2 Duration

This agreement is open-ended. It is effective from the date on which the Seller receives the E-Mail Welcome. is entitled to terminate the Agreement at any time, and without providing any justification, by emailing notice of at least 10 days. is also given the right to immediately terminate this Agreement by letter mail, if delays occur in the Fee Payment

The withdrawal exercised by under this article does not involve the payment of any fee and / or reimbursement and / or compensation and / or payment in favor of the Seller, subject to the right of to compensation for any damage that it may suffer as a result of the termination of the Agreement and subject to the obligation of the Seller to pay to, even after termination of the Agreement, all amounts to the same due under the Contract.

The withdrawal exercised by under this Article shall take effect from the date of Termination of Contract

3 Right of withdrawal of the Seller

  • The Seller is entitled to terminate the Agreement at any time and without any justification, and without any warning.
  • The exercise of withdrawal rights by the Seller pursuant to this Article does not release the seller from the obligation to match, even after termination of the Agreement, all amounts to the same due under the Contract.
  • The withdrawal exercised by the Seller pursuant to this Article shall take effect from the date of dissolution of the Contract,

4 Formal notice to comply and termination clause

  • In the event of a breach by the Seller of the obligations assumed under this contract is entitled to give notice in writing to end the infringement no later than the end of seven days. If there is lack power to demand the immediate termination of the contract, except for the compensation of damages.
  • the sale of Products.

5 Suspension of Sale Service

  • reserves the right to terminate the Sale Service on MarketPlace, in case of the following violations:
  • Contact breach of the obligations
  • Failure of Fee Payment

6 Commissions & Shop

Mocsmarket currently has no commission and is free for all sellers. Mocsmarket may decide to apply commissions at any time by informing all sellers. If the sellers do not accept the commissions applied, they can unsubscribe from at any time without any restrictions.

  • Instructions 10%
  • Custom Kits 10%
  • Custom Minifigures 10%
  • Stickers 10%
  • Display Box 10%
  • Led Kit 10%

Every seller has available a personal store, where he can update his biography, its general condition, its shipping policies and its return policies.

7 tax rate

Seller acknowledges and agrees that, in relation to the object of the Contract and the activity performed by the MarketPlace, he is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the calculation, the collection and / or collection at any third party required to pay, as well as the payment of its expenses tax, as well as any other possible duty, tax, law and / or tax and / or customs charges, of any kind.

8 Intellectual property rights of Seller

Seller represents that it owns or otherwise have the right to utilize the trademarks and / or brands with which it operates and concerning the goods and / or services advertised on the platform and transferred through the MarketPlace.

The Seller therefore guarantees and indemnity from all claims and / or actions of third parties concerning infringement of intellectual property rights in relation to goods and / or services advertised on the platform and transferred through the MarketPlace.

9 Treatment of Personal Data (the Sellers and Buyers)

The Parties shall in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196) and the EU Regulation no. 2016/679, aware that treatment will also cover sensitive data in art. 4, paragraph 1, lett. d) as well as in art. 26 d. lgs. 196/2003, lend the consent for the processing of data necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship.

Seller consents to the processing of information required for the activation and operation of the services offered by the platform. In this regard the Seller

It recognizes that the information in the information on the processing of personal data shall mean ceded free of charge.

10 Declaration and the Seller’s Warranty

While using the Site Seller agrees to provide true, current and complete, and not to engage in fraud aimed at gaining an unfair advantage from the use of the Platform. To this end, the Seller undertakes to guarantee and indemnify in relation to claims for damages that were to receive from third parties in any way, as a result of behavior made and / or information provided by the Seller through the use of Platform.

The seller agrees to use the Platform in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the applicable rules, public order and morality.

The Vendor expressly acknowledges and recognizes whatever reason and effect that completion of the accreditation procedures on the marketplace implies full acceptance of this Agreement can not and does not intend to ensure the monitoring, control, filtering, censorship or any other form of intervention in the content published by the Seller. The Seller hereby agrees and acknowledges that may in no circumstances be held responsible for content data, information and / or images published by him, and declares to guarantee and indemnify from any liability may arise as a result of the above publications. However reserves the right to either by manual or automatic sales activity carried out by the Seller through the Platform intervening through blocking the account of the Seller and the removal of those content deemed, at its sole discretion, illegal,

11 Responsibility of

The Seller acknowledges and agrees that is and always remains foreign to the Purchase Agreement concluded on MarketPlace between Seller and Buyer. In addition can not be held responsible for any interruptions, failures, malfunctions, errors, delays or defects of the Site, including any effects of viruses or other contaminating elements able to affect the functionality of the technological support by which the Seller access the platform.

MocsMarket.comsi reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to suspend, discontinue, remove or make changes to the Site for operational needs, maintenance and / or update, without obligation to notify the Seller and without such ownership may be liable .

12 Changes to the Agreement

If any term or provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the General Conditions will continue to have full and complete effect to the remainder, unless either Party proves that this was certain clause for their subscription. undertakes to notify the Seller of any changes to the Terms MarketPlace on notice not less than 30 (thirty) days from the effective date of such change. The Seller does not intend to accept the changes proposed by must communicate in writing its intention to withdraw no later than the aforementioned data.E ‘must pay for any of the sums accrued up to the effective date of the withdrawal. The failure to exercise the right of withdrawal in the terms specified above constitutes acceptance of the changes adopted by

13 Communications

Any communication relating to this contract shall be made in


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