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How to upload your Lego® Custom physical products

In this guide, we explain how to load your Lego® custom physical products quickly and easily!

1)Go to your account
2)Enter the frontend manager
3)Click on add product
4)Upload the main product image
5)Upload the product gallery images
6)Write the title of your product
7)Write as best you can the description of your product.

“A perfect description equals greater chance of sale”
For example, write the number of pieces needed, the ease of finding them, the value of all the pieces, the size of the product, etc.

()Enter your sale price and if you want you can also apply a discounted price (you can also do it later)

10)Click on Inventory
11) Select menage stock
12) Add your stock quantity


11)Choose carefully one or more categories for your product
12) Choose carefully one or more tags for your product

and click SAVE!!!


We have received your product, wait for our review and in the meantime you can upload more!

Follow this guide to upload your Lego® Custom kits

Follow this link to know How to register and start selling your LEGO® custom products


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