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How to register and start selling your LEGO® custom products

MocsMarket is a unique marketplace that allows individual sellers to offer their products related to the LEGO® custom world to a large community present for years on the internet.

In this video guide we explain how to register as a vendor on mocsmarket. com and start selling your Lego® custom products

By selling your products on MocsMarket you will get the following advantages:

1)Total autonomy and management of your shop and your products
2)You can directly load all the products you want as long as they are always related to the theme of the site
3)You will have a dashboard from where you can check sales, orders to be prepared, complete orders, fees generated at a glance
4)You can directly create discount coupons for your customers or for your marketing campaigns
5)You will have full access to the orders generated
6)You will have detailed reports available to follow the progress of your shop

Marketing support

1)Sharing your products with direct links for purchase on our social channels with over 7,000,000 views per month
2)Creation of ad hoc campaigns on Facebook asd and Google ads to sponsor your products.
3)Tips and advice on how to improve your listings or your profile

Once your registration has been made , you can upload and manage your products independently!

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Follow this video to register as a vendor and star to selling your LEGO® custom products now on

Follow this link to know How to set up your vendor profile for selling your LEGO® custom instructions


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