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Sonic The Hedgehog

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Sonic The Hedgehog brick sculpture


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This is a 3D sculpture based off the pixel style of the iconic old school Sonic, I’m referring to the version from the 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit console generations, the modern Sonic character has a redesigned appearance.

The sculpture uses mostly basic bricks, aside from a few system pieces to get the nose centered and to mak ethe legs sturdy. The main colors are blue, white, tan, red with a bit of black and dark red. I used black on the pieces hidden from sight.
It’s at a nice scale that allowed me to implement all necessary details to make it faithfull to the real pixel version.
Details include the sneakers with the white stripe, the sole in dark red and the white socks; Sonic’s little tail; modeled hands with a visible thumb; the eyes looking forward and the small pointy nose; modeled ears; and of course, the spines.

The legs use round bricks with axle holes so I could include a long axle inside of each leg for increased stability and sturdiness, both the bottom and top bricks of the legs also have axle holes for support, this way the sculpture can stand on its own without falling apart.

I also have sculptures of Super Mario and Luigi available.

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