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Lego® Custom Instructions Select Fire Rubber Band Pistol

(5 customer reviews)
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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List

Click here to download the parts list


See this in action:

This Pistol features:

-capability of launching rubber bands fully and semi automatic
-selectfire switch
-capacity of ~8 rubber bands
-attachable silencer for longer rubber bands
-removeable magazine prop

-Total 368 parts

Recommended rubber bands:

Shooting ones:
~Ø40mm without silencer
~Ø60mm with silencer attached

~Ø15mm Loom bands

5 reviews for Lego® Custom Instructions Select Fire Rubber Band Pistol

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Bentha

    Nice i built all of your guns

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  2. Kamron :) Lo

    This is amazing buy the instructions now otherwise your crazy

    Kevin183 by the way you could put the price up because it worth more then 10€

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  3. Chinocato (verified owner)

    Well it ok

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  4. Dan Roman

    I built this gun in all black and it looks and works swell. I would 100/10 recommend this to anyone else. The instructions are easy to follow, and the pistol is very strong. This is my first time purchasing Kevin’s Instructions and I am blown away by the professionalism of the product. Thank you Kevin for making my quarantine epic. 🙂

    -Dan Roman

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  5. awesome gun (verified owner)

    This gun is the best!!! i have a few tips for anybody if it is not functioning properly:

    1. rubberband tension
    the rubberbands need to be able to overpower certain rbs, here is a list of all rbs that need to be the strongest (nmbr 1 is strongest, nmbr 5 is weakest)
    1.shooting rb (strongest, should overpower all other rbs)
    2.slide return rb (should only get overpowered by shooting rbs)
    3.lock return rb (this is the rb that when loading, allows the locking mech to return to its orginal pos)
    4. trigger return rb (this rb brings the trigger back to its original postion once it’s pulled)
    5. fire selector rb (this rb should be overpowered by the trigger rb, since only that rb will come into contact with it.)

    2. Friction
    for the gun to function smoothly, friction needs to be minimized. I minimized it by pulling the walls apart very slightly just enough to let the pieces move but stay locked in palces

    3.building it incorrectly
    this problem is simple….
    trust me this has happened 😀

    thanks for reading this,
    hope this helped u!

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    16 thoughts on "Lego® Custom Instructions Select Fire Rubber Band Pistol"

    1. Nick10czar says:

      This looks sick but how much do u think it will cost for all the pieces for it 🙂

    2. Kevin183 says:

      For me I would cost about 21€ + shipping and fees that adds afterwards.

    3. Unknow9899 says:

      Wow that cool im gonna buy it!

    4. Unknow9899 says:

      Nice tutorial but my gun not working but i dont use loom rubberband so maybe i try that

    5. unknow9899 says:

      kevin can i refund tutorial? my gun dont work i try now please

    6. Kevin183 says:

      Sorry, since it´s a virtual product and you (probally) already downloaded it. Also I might not work when you use other bricks and wrong rubberband tentions.
      (Other people even made it work without instructions, just by looking at my video.)

    7. Kamron says:

      How do you get the parts-list up

    8. Jaenim says:

      What is the shooting distance?

    9. Jae-Martin Legave says:

      Can’t find parts 4073 and 4265

    10. Ed Taylor says:

      Built this and full auto works but semi-auto doesn’t seem to. The “switch” clicks when I change to full Auto but in the Semi-Auto position it is pretty loose. Any suggestions? Please advice.

    11. Tablez says:

      What is the size of the rubberband?
      Thank you

    12. unknowm says:

      Could you upload this to an website that uses USD. I don’t really want to buy something that uses euros

    13. Даня says:

      Это только инструкция? Или всё вместе? Помогите пожалуйста!!!

    14. Phil says:

      before i buy this, can someone make a list of all the parts so that i can see how much it would cost to buy the parts.

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