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Lego® Instructions Working [AWP | Asiimov] Sniper Rifle

(3 customer reviews)
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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List

Click here to download the parts list: AWP Asiimov PARTLISTParts for 16 bullets


Do you need the parts for your moc?
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by Kevin183

See this in action:

This Sniper Rifle features:
-safety switch
-collapsing bipod

-easy removable bolt to change rubber bands
-magazine with 8 bullets capacity
-120 cm length, same as the original AWP (even 2 cm longer, google it!)
-100% more coolnes through the skin

This model is not suited for children under the age of 12. This replica shoots actual pieces that can cause serious injury. Be sure to use eye protection when operating.

-Total 1857 parts for the gun and 80 parts for the bullets (8 rounds)
-I paid around 230€ for all parts and shipping/fees (It depends on your country)

Recommended rubber bands:

Shooting ones: ~Ø60mm

~Ø15mm Loom bands

3 reviews for Lego® Instructions Working [AWP | Asiimov] Sniper Rifle

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  1. tr0922

    Excellent Instructions, with Snyzer’s Desert Eagle.
    Although the attachment of the rubber bands are hard to follow, all the other steps are crystal clear.

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  2. diederik

    what is the total amount of dollars for this set?

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    • admin

      These are just the instructions, you have to buy the pieces yourself.

      In the description you will find the purchase price of all the pieces, but it is an indicative figure, it depends on the country of purchase.

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  3. daduchiko

    this is amazing I watched the video

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    30 thoughts on "Lego® Instructions Working [AWP | Asiimov] Sniper Rifle"

    1. Kim says:

      Hi Kevin

      Could you maybe post a video on how to attach all the rubber bands and assembly of those parts? I do have some difficulties assembling and get it to work.

      Also the angled part of the gun is not so strong, mine just collapsed, any method to get it stronger here?

    2. Nicolad says:

      Bonjour, je voudrai savoir si : si j’achète les instructions + toutes les pièces nécessaires, pouvez vous me dire à combien d’euros cela me reviendrai t-il svp ?

    3. BRIAN says:


    4. ivandelmar says:

      I can’t open file pieces parts file because it is a html page like “error”. Can i have in other format before buy?

    5. kwan says:

      Hi, what size and tension of the rubber bend should i use?


    6. Henggeler says:

      Bei welcher Firma hast du die Legosteine bestellt?
      Vielen Dank für deine Rückmeldung.

    7. Louloy says:

      Comment je fais pour commander les briques qui me fait pour AWP sur le site bricklink je n’arrive pas à formater le truc si vous pouvez m’aider s’il vous plaît dites-le-moi en commentaire dites-moi le prix que ça vaut toutes les briques pour construire en couleur

    8. BrickFred says:

      Is the instruction like “normal” instruction from verious manufacturers or are there just fotos in it? Looks like you did it in LDCad or something?

      Also it would be more suitable for most customers to see a parts list before purchasing the instruction. (not an xml that has to be uploaded to bricklink)
      I was able to figure out what parts are in the xml myself, I do not have a bricklink account but I have very much Lego at home. I wanted to check if I have all the parts needed to build this masterpiece before I choose to buy it.
      And a last point: can you also add a second magazine in this list? Of course, if I have the whole instruction I can figure it out myself. And I also was able to estimate all the parts because of the product picture.

      But yeah, it’s an incredible thing. Hope to see more such stuff from you.

    9. Sung Gyu Kim says:

      Dear kevin,

      I ordered 1EA on September 15th.
      Due to the settlement issue, it became a double settlement.
      Please cancel 1EA.
      And, when can I get it?
      Thank you.

    10. hds says:

      hey kevin
      why cant i upload a xml file to bricklink
      pls help me 🙂

    11. Kl says:


      Where I can buy these bricks?

    12. Jace says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Do you have a part list for the magazine? I’d like to make an extra magazine for reloads.

      Love the design

    13. Aria says:

      Hello, you say we can buy all bricks on but wich ones do I have to buy ? There are so many ! Another question, my son is 11 years old, would it be too difficult for him ? He loves lego and arms…

    14. Alex says:

      First of all this incredible, but I have a doubdt, does it shoots rubber bands or the bullets, because I saw the bullets in the video, but in the description part it says recommended rubber bands: shooting ones
      So? Does it shoots rubber bands or bullets?

    15. DAvid says:


      how much is it the sniper on brick link?
      my computer says 135.23euros

    16. Arvid says:

      Hey, when i try to follow the guide to upload partlist it says “Invalid File Format: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

      any tips?

    17. Ognjen Jojevic says:

      Do i get ammo with this and if i do how many?

    18. eduardo says:

      hay una forma de que te pueda llegar entero cuanto costaria

    19. Kuper stoner says:

      How much are the instructions in USD

    20. Zed says:

      How much roughly cost all parts? I’m not going to buy instructins for 25 euro and then realize parts cost 1000.

      • admin says:

        as written in the description, “I paid around 230 € for all parts and shipping / fees (It depends on your country)”

        Thank you

    21. daniil golovanevskiy says:

      how open partlist?

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