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We are looking for you to publish unique BLOG content on

Hello and welcome to this page.

First of all thanks for clicking and for being here.

We at have decided to expand our family by inserting into the project a passionate person who loves legos, bricks and MOCs in all their forms and substances and who wishes to have a say by creating articles in a professional way to offer a new point of view on a new Lego release or a review or any other format useful for the community to create value.

We are looking for you to publish unique BLOG contents in full flexibility and autonomy, being able to have your say to a vast audience today made up of around 500-600,000 unique users who visit our site every year.

Your words will have an important sounding board and you will be listened to for the passion you exude.

If you wish to propose yourself to create your original content, write an email to indicating “CRAZY MOCs BLOG” as the SUBJECT of the email.

This way we will already know that you are on the right track to join our team.

In the email we kindly ask you to indicate the following in a timely manner so that we can demonstrate that we can trust you and that you are really interested. Indicate:

– Name and surname
– How long have you been passionate about the Lego world
– Which format would you prefer to write about (Scattered articles, reviews, new releases… etc.)
– How many items could you make on a weekly basis?
– When could you start?

In addition to this, we ask you to attach to the email an original text of 12,000 characters optimized for SEO.

This request is mandatory so we will not consider whoever answered the previous questions without attaching the test content.

It doesn’t matter the theme, the important thing is that it’s original and not a rip-off made with artificial intelligence and that you had fun making it.

We are waiting for you!


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