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Modular Elf Club House

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List

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Modular modification of official LEGO set 10275. Includes PDF instructions and XML/PDF parts list. Does not include actual bricks.


by Lego Artisan MOCs
Modified Winter Village Collection – Phase 2
The modular Elf Club House is a modification of the official LEGO set 10275. It takes all the creative features and mini-builds of the official set and places in a modular style house. It consists of 1256 pieces, of which only 100 extra pieces are needed aside from set 10275.
It is 16 studs wide and sits on plate built up with existing pieces from the set. The MOC can further become compatible with other modular buildings by replacing the built up plates with a 16×32 base plate and adding technic bricks on both sides, if the builder wishes to do so.
The ground floor has the small workshop, a dining area and kitchen where cookies can be baked. The play feature with the cookies has been retained from the original set.
The upper level which is the bedroom is completely removable similar to any modular building. The part of the wall & roof at the back can also be removed to gain further view and access to the bed room area. The play features with the bed and lights are kept functional.
Although the modular elf club house is considerably smaller than normal modular buildings, it uses very few extra pieces to ensure that even beginners can try to build this MOC with ease. Furthermore, and additional middle floor can be MOC’ed to increase the height of the house to match other modular buildings.
Upon purchase, you will have access to PDF instructions as well as XML & PDF extra parts list

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