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Lego® Instructions CITY CHURCH

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CITY CHURCH by Bay’s Design, 2021

CITY CHURCH is built on a 32 x 32 baseplate that can easily fit to your modular Lego city ideally as the size never to big for your city planning. With a total amount of 4,418 pieces, 62.4cm in height, 29.7cm width and 25.9cm length, CITY CHURCH certainly a master piece to challenge your good patient and skill during the building-up process. Lots of detailing in design continues bringing you surprises along the process of building it up.

Giant Stained-Glass Window purposely designed all over the 3 main facades of CITY CHURCH act as the main feature of this eye-catching building. It is surely satisfying you from various angles when you starring at this lovely building. Multiple colours arrangement to form a beautiful pattern for the Giant Stained-Glass Window again to further enhance the aesthetic of the architecture. The proportion between the Main Hall Building and Bell Tower respects the Golden Scale Design Principle and strikes the balance overall of the building’s vertical and horizontal lines.

The Bell Tower combines with four-sided beautiful Angel Sculptures and the Cross located at the peak of the tower again added value to the beauty of the architecture. Fine detailing, mini sculptures, high level light-windows all over the building never give your eye a second to rest.

The colour combination of white, grey and earth-tone colours presents a harmony and humble character of the CITY CHURCH. Standing elegantly with its architecture but never too much to show off the aggressiveness to the surrounding buildings located nearby of CITY CHURCH.

Design to be openable, the Main Hall’s roof and rear wall allow you to get closer with the calm peaceful interior arrangement of the Main Hall building. Sweet and lovely moment of events always a great choice for you to make it happen inside CITY CHURCH. Pure white main stage, dark brown benches, beautiful floor tiles, surely bringing you a moment of holiness within the building itself.

CITY CHURCH, a wonderful architecture design not only for well-display purpose but also allow your lovely imaginations to play with it!

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Bay's Design

Graduated from architecture background and practicing as professional in life, Baylon decided to chase for his own childhood dream by creating interesting and awesome MOC designs particular in modular buildings and architecture.
Baylon always have a dream to turn real architecture by using Lego bricks into everybody dream city all over the world. Started with nothing, he continue his passion to keep learning from other masters and polish up his own designing and building skills in order to create wonderful piece of work for everybody.
All your positive supports will continue motivate him for chasing his dream!

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