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instructions 75978 Diagon Alley B Model (bookstand style)

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by All Bricks Matter

This is an alternate build of official set 75978.  Since Digaon Alley in the movie is a narrow pathway, so I squeeze the original buildings into two 16×32 baseplates making it looks closer to the movie scene.

No extra brick is needed!  All parts you need are included in the official set! Although it looks much alike the original set, the bricks used have been shuffled due to the limitation of space.  Around 60% of the bricks have been used.  And then how about the 40% surplus?

In the photo session you can see my examples on how to deal with the surplus bricks.  Because most of the furniture is untouched such as goods-shelves and bookshelves, tables and chairs, etc, so you can put them somewhere else for example inside a glass dome?


There are some points you may wish to note:
1) some spare parts have been used too, mostly 1×1 plate or 1×1 brick.  Gather them back if you have already disposed of them;
2) as far as possible I use the same parts from the same building when doing the modification.  But it is unavoidably using other parts from other buildings.  Therefore sometimes it may be difficult to locate the parts required;
3) if you see I use four 1×1 plates in parallel it is because the set does not have a 1×4 plate.  Please feel free to replace it if you have extra bricks in hand;
4) there are many different colors and sizes of surplus bricks used in the back of the facet in order to provide a flat surface for the books to lean on.  I know they are not looking nice but they are invisible when putting the MOC in the bookshelf.  If you are not putting books against the MOC, you may skip them.

I wish you enjoy this MOC!  Thank you!

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