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LEGO® custom instructions UCS Rivendell – Gates of Imladris

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List


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Rivendell, also known as Imladris, was an Elven town and the house of Elrond located in Middle-earth. It is described as “The Last Homely House East of the Sea” in reference to Valinor, which was west of the Great Sea in Aman. The peaceful, sheltered town of Rivendell was located at the edge of a narrow gorge of the river Bruinen (one of the main approaches to Rivendell comes from the nearby Ford of Bruinen), but well hidden in the moorlands and foothills of the Misty Mountains.

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, on the Quest of Erebor, Gandalf intends to pass through Rivendell and ask Elrond for advice, particularly in deciphering Thrór’s Map, and sends word to Elrond in advance. Thorin, having developed a hatred of all Elves following the Elven-king’s betrayal, objects to this at least twice, but Gandalf uses the threat of a Warg attack to lead the company towards the Hidden Valley, where Elrond and a company of Riders intercept the Warg-riders. This moc represents the arrive of the Thorin’s company in Imladris trough his main passage.

This bundle includes:

  • Gates of Imladris

Check my other single projects of Rivendell to see other descriptions and infos about all my UCS Rivendell moc

All minifigures are only for display and could be not existent or customized and are not included in the pieces count.

Moc features:

Pieces: 3761

model dimensions: width 68,6 cm length 48,4 cm height 46,2  cm

model weight: 3 kg

You’ll get:
-Renders/photorealistic pictures
-Pdf instructions and Parts List
-xml/text file wanted list for Bricklink
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Hi guys and welcome on LegoMocLoc!
I’m Alex, an architect and Lego unofficial designer.
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Here I make digital files with a Lego software and I create locations about famous movie brands. Also, I build parts lists and instruction files about them.
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NO PHYSICAL BRICKS, ONLY DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List

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