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DR-4 Viking Drop Ship instructions

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List


by Rosewood Builds

The DR-4 Viking Dropship was a dropship that was used by the Fleet of the United Citizen Federation for the transportation of Mobile Infantry troops into and out of battle. These ships were used extensively throughout the First Bug War and saw prominent deployment during the first invasion of Klendathu.  This model features includes room for 40 Mobile Infantry (LEGO minifigures) in addition to 4 fleet crew members for total of 44 minifigures. The dropship and troop container have the ability to disconnect, providing easy access to the interior of the troop container.  In addition, custom stickers can be obtained from Brick Designers to add additional detail to the loading ramp doors.

Purchase will include the instructions and parts list to build the model.  Model contains 3370 LEGO elements.  No LEGO bricks are included. This purchase is only for instructions and parts lists to build the displayed model.


Stickers used for the doors and sides can be purchased at the link below:

Brick Designer Sticker Sheet


NOTE: The final picture with troops exiting is an older render, and is used for showing size comparison to Minifigures only.

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