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Black Arrow – Hypercar Concept

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by _TLG_

Hello Speed Champions fans,

Black Arrow is a ficticious hypercar which was designed for a “Hypercar building contest” hosted by sfh_bricks on Instagram. I tried to design something really cool inspired by the cyberpunk culture.

It is a studless build in the new, 8 studs wide Speed Champions style. Some rules had to be followed: only certain types of car bases, wheels, fenders and windscreen are allowed, cockpit have to be closed, fixed dimensions (wheelbase, width, and maximum length), build must fit a full minifig with helmet. I prefer the brick built solutions to keep the flexibility of the used parts in further builds, and therefore stickers are not used.

My intent was to keep the build smooth and to add lots of details: for example the air intakes, the rear wing, the side view mirrors etc. . Maybe the most challenging one was the double headlight. I tried to fill every unnecessary gaps and therefore some tricky build techniques are used.

The light bluish gray parts in the inventory and in parts list files may be replaced by any colors, because they are not or not so visible (for example: they are visible only in side view between the wheel and mudguard). However, for the best result I suggest to use black parts in the most cases.

For the front assembly you will get two versions: 1) the double headlight version which is a bit more extreme and 2) the simple headlight version (picture 3) which is more solid and sturdy. The parts list files show the parts list of the double headlight version (1) only. The extra parts for the simple headlight version are listed on the end of the pdf instructions of the alternate front assembly.

The model has space for one minifigure. I suggest to use a helmet or small hair. The instructions and parts list files do not contain the minifigures shown on the pictures.

I hope you enjoy the build and the car. Many thanks for your support!

_TLG_ (Laszlo Torma), Aug, 2022

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Purchasing instructions for this model you will get the following files:

  • High-resolution, professionally designed PDF Instructions file with a detailed parts list (showing quantity, color, Item No. and images of the parts)
  • Parts list in XML for Bricklink
  • Detailed parts list in CSV
  • + Bonus: High-resolution, professionally designed PDF Instructions file for the alternate front assembly with a detailed parts list (showing quantity, color, Item No. and images of the parts)

NOTE: Instructions and parts list do not contain any minifigure

There are 91 parts in the inventory with 252 total quantity. The approximate cost of these parts is 28,72€ (29,48$).

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I love LEGO! I prefer the minifigure scale. Mostly I build from my kids' sets and they play with my creations :).

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