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Battle Of Britain Class Locomotive and Meal Train

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All aboard the newest old school addition to Lego city, a Battle of Britain Class locomotive pulled meal train. This fantastic train features a superbly detailed recreation of a Battle of Britain Class locomotive with working conrods, full remote control PoweredUp integration, space for three minifigures in the cabin and three carriages. The first carriage is a kitchen car where the chef minifigures can prepare a variety of food on the large range cooker, assisted by all the other appliances onboard. The second carriage is a buffet car with a large bar and seating for ten minifigures. The final carriage is a first class carriage were 16 well off minifigures can enjoy a decent lunch. This carriage features full correct interior including a toilet, umbrella holder and suitcase holder. All carriages feature a large amount of detail both inside and out with care being taken to faithfully recreate the real life carriages in an 8 wide format.

Most importantly to note is that this train will run on standard Lego track.
A word document sticker sheet with correctly sized images is provided should you wish to order any custom vinyl stickers or printed bricks.

!Important update, due to unforeseen health circumstances, Breckland Bricks, the store that supplies the rods and wheels for this locomotive has shut down for the foreseeable future. Therefore I have compiled a list of alternative suppliers for the custom parts required to build this locomotive:

XXL flanged boxpok drivers (4x) —  XXL Boxpok Flanged Driver with Traction Groove (5GQZU7UY5) by Shuppiluliumas (

XXL blind boxpok drivers (2x) —  XXL Boxpok Blind Driver (U9DRE33JU) by Shuppiluliumas (

Connecting rods (2x) —  Coupling rod with 3 bearing seats, length 13 | Bricks-on-Rails

Valvegear rods (2x) —  Coupling rod with 3 bearing seats, length 12 | Bricks-on-Rails or  Push rod, length 12 | Bricks-on-Rails

*Upon purchasing parts for this train it must be noted that the purchase of 1x PoweredUP! train motor, 4x tile 2 x 4 in dark green, 2x tile 2 x 2 in dark green, 28x panel 1 x 2 x 1 with rounded corners in dark green, 4x tile 1 x 3 in bright light blue, 10x brick 1 x 4 in dark green, 2x brick 1 x 2 in dark green, 14x tile 1 x 6 in dark green, 12x tile 1 x 4 in dark green, 4x tile 1 x 1 in dark red, 4x tile 1 x 6 in dark red, 42x tile 1 x 8 in dark red, 6x tile 1 x 4 in dark red, 2x tile 1 x 2 in dark red, 28x slope curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 in dark red, 17x brick 1 x 3 in white, 6x brick 1 x 4 in white, 11x brick 1 x 4 in trans dark brown and 14x brick 1 x 4 in trans clear will be required in addition to the xml files as these are the stickered parts.

It should also be noted that due to the way works torsos coded 973pa4c01 (Torso Adventurers Jungle Suit, Brown Vest, Black Tie Pattern / White Arms / Black Hands), 973pb0222c01 (Torso Batman Suit with Orange Vest, Purple Bow Tie Pattern / Black Arms / White Hands), 973pb0716c01 (Torso Jacket Formal with Bow Tie, White Vest and Boutonniere Pattern / Red Arms / White Hands) and 973pb1183c01 (Torso Pinstripe Vest, Red Tie and Pocket Watch and Back Print Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands) have all been split into their component parts of arms, hands and torsos by the xml file and it may be cheaper to buy the torso assembly on bricklink using the above codes.

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