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Become an Affiliate

Follow our step-by-step guide to sign up and participate in the MocsMarket Affiliate Program: we’ll tell you everything you need to know to start earning today from your website, blog, or any other social channel!

An affiliate program is a system that allows website operators, bloggers and influencers to monetize through their site, blog or social channel, using affiliate links to be created independently and quickly.

The affiliation is valid for all products in the marketplace, it will be enough for you to copy the link of the product that you intend to advertise and paste in your affiliate dashboard, once this is done, your link will be generated from affiliate.

When a visitor to your site, blog or social channel is directed to through an affiliate link you have created and placed on one of your web pages or social posts, you will receive a fixed commission of 15% on the net value of our commission in the event of a purchase by of the visitor. All commissions will be paid every “first” of the month via Paypal.

From your affiliate dashboard you will find:

  • The number of visits that your links generate
  • The conversion rate
  • Your income generated by the affiliate program


What are you waiting for?

Register below, follow our guide and start earning!


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