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Lego Imperial Corridor System Armory instructions

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by Brick_boss_pdf

In this Moc you will get the armory of the imperial corridor modular system!

This MOC has been created to make you build your own imperial interior Moc! With the help of my new modular corridor system you will be able to create all the interior of any imperial facility, the interior of a star destroyer and even the interior of the legendary death star!
Since lego released the new 16×16 modified tile I decided that I wanted to use it in the star wars universe and after a couple of weeks of brainstorming and some suggestions of some supporters I decided to create the ultimate playset! A modular system of corridors and rooms that will allow you the construccion of any interior of an imperial ship in infinite ways! Thanks to the use of the new tiles you can build as big as you want and with the combination of corridors, doors and rooms that you can think of! The original idea was to build the interior of the death star and add as many things as possible but in the middle of the building process I realized that it can work with any imperial related thing!
In the first wave you will be able to purchase the starter pack; the main corridor built, the door and the corner and with these 3 pieces you can start making your own death start! We will also include a small room ( empty), a medium room ( empty) and a big room (empty) that will be sold apart. We will also be selling special rooms like a cargo bay, an artillery room, the armory,officer room and the medic bay!
As part of the second wave we are considering adding the comms room, the block cell,the barracudas as normal rooms. As special rooms we will be making a star cruiser bridge and a big hangar!
If you connect back to back 2 of the same type of rooms you can create a double room with 2 entries or even make a little hallway! You will be able to create a playset as big as you want thanks to the imperial corridor system and the infinite combinations of corridors and rooms you will be able to create the ultimate playset!

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