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Lego® Custom Instructions Vickers M1937 Light Tank

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List



by Tarix819
Download the Instructions Preview here:
The model is of the Vickers M1937 Light Tank, a vehicle designed and produced by British arms manufacturer Vickers-Armstrongs in 1937. This was to be the fourth member of Vickers’ line of commercial light tanks, coming after the successes which were the M1933, M1934 and M1936 (the latter which I have already built). The turret was to be enlarged, and a 2-pdr Anti-Tank gun fitted, providing the anti-armour firepower that the M1936 lacked. It had a crew of two men (Commander and Driver), and 9mm of armour protection. The vehicle only entered service for a short time in Latvia, before it was quickly outclassed by more modern designs. The only surviving vehicle remains at Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia.
-High mobility, powered by four PF XL motors just for the tracks.
-The hull is powered by two SBricks and two battery boxes fitted with 14500 Li-Ion Batteries – this is unchanged from my previous model of the Vickers M1936, and provides a total of 22.2v for the hull.
-The turret is powered by one SBrick and one 7.4v Li-Po battery box.
-There are nine motors in total.
-Powerful firing mechanism with recoil effect and ejection of spent shell casings. The magazine can hold up to four shots.
-The engine is the Meadows ESTE Six-Cylinder, which is accurately represented in the hull.
-Functional headlights and rearlights.
-The turret can be traversed 360 degrees and the 2-pdr gun can be elevated and depressed.
-Functional track tensioners
-Functional and accurate Coil-Spring Bogie (Horstmann) suspension.
Details on Eurobricks:
-Please view the preview before purchasing. It contains the accurate parts list. The watermarks on the preview are not present on the full instructions.
The PDF Instructions build the model in Dark Bluish Grey, however any colour may be used. I recommend Tan, Dark Tan, or Light Bluish Grey as well.
-This model is powered by three SBricks, knowledge of the use and function of SBrick is highly recommended before attempting to build.
-The model is powered by two AA Battery Boxes. It should function fine using 12x AA Batteries, however I highly recommend purchasing 6x Dummy AA Batteries and 6x 14500 Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries and use these inside the battery box instead, as this will give it a great boost in mobility. The video shows the vehicle performing with the latter batteries.
Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) 14500 Batteries can be purchased here:
Dummy Batteries can be purchased from or other various websites.
-The model contains 5475 parts, the instructions are 689 pages long, this model is recommended for experienced builders.
-This is a 5.6kg Lego tracked vehicle. Stressing the chassis by driving in harsh off-road envrionments such as grass and mud, driving off of small ledges and into obstacles will cause cause parts to come off. The best environment to drive on is smooth ground. The vehicle also has a habit of throwing its track when making turns on rough terrain or harsh movements.
-Please send me a message if you have any questions or problems about the model or the instructions.


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I build RC scale models of military vehicles.


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