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Lego® Custom Instructions ’57 Chevy Matchbox Speed Champions

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With the purchase of this object you only purchase downloadable PDF instructions and Parts List


If you were a kid in the 80’s, I’m sure, this kind of striped blue boxes have a special place in your heart. I built my favorite Matchbox, the ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air hot rod with its box.

  BOX                                                                                        CHEVY
Total number of pieces: 563                                                    Total number of pieces: 231      

Estimated price of the new parts: ~ 44 € ( ~ 50 $)                  Estimated price of the new parts: ~ 20 € ( ~ 23 $)

The box’s features:                                                                    The Chevy’s features:
– Removable lid.                                                                        – Has space for one minifig.

Box’s outside dimensions:                                                        Chevy’s dimensions:
– length: 25 studs ( 20 cm / 7.9 in )                                           – length: 19 studs ( 15.2 cm / 6 in )
– width:  12 studs ( 9.6 cm / 3.8 in )                                           – width:  8 studs ( 6.4 cm / 2.5 in )
– height: 17.2 ( 13.7 cm / 5.4 in )

Box’s inside dimensions: 
– length: 21 studs ( 16.8 cm / 6.6 in )
– width:  10 studs ( 8 cm / 3.1 in )
– height: 6 ( 4.8 cm / 1.9 in )


Purchasing Lego® Custom Instructions for this model you will get the following files:
– High-resolution, professionally designed PDF Instructions file with step-by-step, easy to follow building instructions
– ‘How to order Lego® parts on Bricklink’  detailed,easy to follow, step by step guide to the largest Lego® marketplace
– Detailed parts list in CSV (showing details without images)
– .IO file of the model
– Parts list in XML for Bricklink


Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to check my other models.


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