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Advanced X1 (Vader’s Twin Ion Engine Advanced X1) instructions

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by barneius

TIE Advanced X1 was an experimental starfighter within the TIE line. What made it exceptional were hyperdrive and deflector shield generator. One of the early prototype of this fighter was owned and operated by Darth Vader most notably during the Battle of Yavin.

This is 1160 pieces detailed and solid build model. There are some advanced, yet easy to follow building techniques used. Some steps require decent amount of precision. It is supposed to be presented on a dedicated display stand (68 pieces – instructions included) but you may also keep it straight on your shelf. The cockpit fits tightly one minifigure.

Make sure to get four 1×1 modified plates with vertical thin U-clip (part no 4085b). The ones with thick clips will not be suitable. Inventory includes black ones but you may replace it with any other color – these four parts are hidden.

PDF step-by-step instructions designed to provide enjoyable building experience.
XML part lists for the Advanced X1 and display stand.

Price of the bricks on bricklink (including display stand): around 185 Euro (10.08.2021).
Important notice: what makes this MOC expensive is part no 18675pb01 (Dish 6 x 6 Inverted – No Studs with Bar Handle with SW TIE Advanced Hatch Pattern). It’s pretty rare at the moment and priced around 30 – 50 Euro (or even more). You may consider replacing it with light blueish gray Dish 6 x 6 Inverted – No Studs with Bar Handle without any pattern (part no 18675) priced below 1 Euro.

Have fun!

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Welcome to my profile page. I'm an adult LEGO builder and collector. All pdf step-by-step instructions to my MOCs are designed by myself to provide enjoyable building experience. If you have any questions regarding my MOCs or instructions feel free to contact me via facebook, messenger or instagram. Have fun building!

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